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Frupa: From Wine to Cosmetics

When Sustainability Unites History and Innovation

One of Sorrentino Vini's most ambitious projects is undoubtedly Frupa, the anti-aging grape serum and the first of the cosmetics we are developing.

This new challenge was born from a concept that is a true mission for our family: sustainability.

Is there a way to reuse and valorize winemaking residues?

Frupa is the answer we have found.

The name derives from the Latin "fractus papilionis" (butterfly fruits) and is the symbol of the love and passion that drove us to create the winery's flagship wine, from whose residues the anti-aging serum is born.

After studying the skins, seeds, and stalks of grapes, we discovered that they contain many precious elements for skin care: mineral salts, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Our serum, obtained from titrated phytoactive extracts, comes from the "cru" vineyards of the Frupa Piedirosso "Bio" wine, which grow on the slopes of Vesuvius.

Wine and Beauty: Two Old Friends

Vesuvius, one of the main protagonists of this story.

It is at its feet, in the ancient city of Pompeii, that the connection between wine and beauty began.

Archaeological evidence, in fact, has ascertained that grapes were used even at that time to prepare ointments and oils for body care.

Almost two thousand years - and about 40 eruptions - have transformed the slopes of Vesuvius into draining soils with a marked fertility, rich in nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, essential for plant growth.

In this unique context our company stands and on these soils our vines grow lush, giving life to wines of unparalleled taste and quality.

Research and Experimentation

The experimentation and studies carried out, before arriving at the final product, were long and constant. Moving in an often unexplored and experimental scientific field was not always easy, and the pandemic marked a significant setback. But in the end we made it and created Frupa, a unique product of its kind.

Unique, because it is different from many other products that, despite using the term serum, are actually creams with micellar water.

Benefits for the Skin...

Frupa is a face and eye serum with a combined lifting effect, which immediately reduces expression lines and makes the skin more toned and compact thanks to hyaluronic acid. Furthermore, the titrated grape marc extract exerts a fundamental antioxidant action to combat free radicals, for an effective and long-lasting anti-aging effect.

...and for the Environment

Sustainability has always been the compass we follow in every project we carry out. The Frupa serum is no exception. Starting from the very idea of recovering winemaking residues to implement a circular economy model as much as possible, through the glass packaging, the compostable dispenser and no glue points.

The entire production chain takes place in the volcanic area, giving rise to a km 0 cosmetic.

Future Challenges

The feedback we have received from consumers and professionals encourages us to continue with this project. We are therefore thinking of expanding our range of products, considering that cosmeceuticals are a segment complementary to our activities and that well marries our sustainability policy. This will open up other possibilities for us in other sectors such as wellness, spa and hotels.

We are aware that we have paved a new way in the circular economy. All other companies sensitive to the issue of sustainability will have a new starting point to improve themselves, thanks to our example.


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