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Sorrentino: A Story of Success

The Success Story of Sorrentino Company

The founder of the company, Paolo Sorrentino, stands as the charismatic head of the entrepreneurial family. His dedication and creativity have always been aimed at the company's prosperity. Angela Cascone, Paolo's wife, embodies the familial heart, contributing with passion and determination; an essential cornerstone for the company itself...


Pompeii and the Hidden Treasures of the Ground after the Vesuvius Eruption of 79 A.D.

Our Treasure in the Heart of the Vesuvian Territory

In the summer of 79 AD, the serene Roman city of Pompeii, nestled at the foot of the majestic Vesuvius, became the stage for one of the most destructive and well-documented volcanic eruptions in history. The eruption of Vesuvius, a devastating force of nature, left Pompeii in a state of tragic suspension in time, yet it also generated some of the most fertile grounds in the world, significantly contributing to the agriculture and well-being of the surrounding region.

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"Vulcanic Lives on Tour"
from Tenuta Sorrentino

The Project

Tenuta Sorrentino is proud to introduce its innovative and engaging project: 'Vulcanic Lives.' This project has been crafted with the aim of celebrating and acknowledging hospitality establishments, accommodations, and retailers choosing to offer their clientele the high-quality wines produced by I Sorrentino.


Awards and Recognitions
of Sorrentino Wines

A journey through the recognition
of our wine excellences

Our passion for crafting quality wines has been consistently recognized and celebrated within the oenological community. Here, you'll discover the awards that have honored us over the years and the hard work behind each bottle. Our commitment to tradition and innovation has enabled us to secure a prominent place in the world of wine. Join us in exploring our journey of success and ongoing pursuit of excellence.

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