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I vini di tenuta Sorrentini vesuvio vite vulcaniche

The Sorrentino Estate

The Wines of Vesuvius

The Sorrentino Estate was founded with the primary goal of creating wines of exceptional quality, focusing on the enhancement of our vineyards. Our business philosophy is built upon several fundamental pillars that contribute to our success.

First and foremost, we place extreme care in the selection of grapes. Through rigorous choices of grape varieties and the lands they grow in, we ensure obtaining the best possible raw material for our wines. The Sorrentino Estate has made significant investments in cutting-edge machinery and technology to guarantee an impeccable winemaking process that preserves and enhances the unique characteristics of the grapes.

Crucial to our path of excellence is the experience gained in the industry. With years of dedication and passion, we have accumulated extensive knowledge and know-how that enable us to produce extraordinary wines. This combination of factors results in a product of the highest quality, capable of not only satisfying the palate with the taste of a great wine but also capturing and conveying the emotions and sensations of our homeland through every sip.

Each of our production lines, from the Classic (organic) to the Prodivi selection and the Sparkling wines, perfectly aligns with the Sorrentino Estate's business philosophy. Our deep connection with nature, which bestows upon us these precious fruits, is a fundamental value guiding us in every stage of the production process. We constantly strive to remain true to the terroir's expression, allowing its characteristics to emerge and evolve from vintage to vintage. The Sorrentino Estate is committed to maintaining the high-quality standards our customers expect from us and to continue celebrating the beauty and authenticity of our land through our wines.


The Grape

The foundation of our creations

Our production lines are based on native varieties cultivated with passion: Caprettone, Falanghina, Catalanesca, Piedirosso, and Aglianico. Each variety is nurtured with care and attention to its specific needs, ensuring the highest quality of raw materials. Our impeccable work in the cellar and the aging periods complete the art of crafting Vesuvian wines of extraordinary quality that defy time.

Caprettone Vesuvio DOC BIO Benita ‘31 Sorrentino Vini

Classic Line

Caprettone Vesuvio Spumante Millesimato DOC bianco DòRè Sorrentino vini vesuvio vite vulcaniche

Bubbly Line

Vesuvio Lacryma Christi Rosso superiore Vigna Lapillo Sorrentino Vini vesuvio vite vulcaniche

Crù Prodivi Line

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