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"Vulcanic Lives onTour" by Sorrentino Winery

The project

Sorrentino Winery is proud to present its innovative and engaging project: 'Volcanic Vines.' This project was created with the aim of celebrating and acknowledging the hospitality venues, accommodations, and retailers choosing to offer their customers the high-quality wines produced by I Sorrentino.

The Bond of Excellence

'Volcanic Vines' is inspired by a passion for wine and a commitment to delivering top-notch wine products. Our company is situated in the volcanic region of southern Italy, a land rich in ancient winemaking traditions. We take pride in our roots and the wine heritage we represent.

Recognition of Excellence

Hospitality venues, accommodations, and retailers choosing to feature I Sorrentino wines on their menus or offerings will receive a prestigious 'Volcanic Vines' plaque. This plaque symbolizes the partnership and sharing of values in quality, passion, and dedication within the world of wine.

Benefits of the "Vulcanic Lives" Project:

  • Guaranteed Quality: I Sorrentino wines are renowned for their quality and authenticity. With our project, we ensure consumers access exceptional wines.

  • Shared Promotion: Partnered establishments will be included in our promotional and marketing activities, enhancing their visibility and recognition.

  • Unique Experience: 'Volcanic Vines' provides a unique experience for the customers of partner establishments, offering them delightful wines and an authentic tasting experience."

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Join Us in "Vulcanic Lives"

If you're a hospitality venue, accommodation, or retailer who shares our passion for quality wine, we invite you to join us in 'Volcanic Vines.' Together, we can promote Italy's wine heritage and offer extraordinary experiences to our customers.

For further information on how to participate in the 'Volcanic Vines' project and become one of our trusted partners, contact us today. We're excited to share our passion for wine and commitment to excellence with you and the world. Join us on the 'Volcanic Vines' journey and discover the pleasure of sharing extraordinary wines with your audience.

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