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Sorrentino: A Story of Success

The Success Story of Sorrentino Company

The founder of the company, Paolo Sorrentino, stands as the charismatic head of the entrepreneurial family. His dedication and creativity have always been directed towards the company's prosperity. Angela Cascone, Paolo's wife, embodies the familial heart, contributing with passion and determination; an essential cornerstone for the company itself.

The third generation, represented by siblings Giuseppe, Benny, and Maria Paola, continues the precious wine-making legacy. While staying true to traditional roots, they also venture into various initiatives focused on researching and enhancing organic cultivation. This commitment aims to achieve the utmost from a land of extraordinary fertility and distinctive minerality.

Operating in perfect synergy, they focus on caring for every detail related to production, commerce, and tourism. This keen and passionate dedication finds its voice and spreads worldwide, attesting to the birth, growth, and development of an excellent reality.

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A journey rooted in the 1800s.

This is a fascinating tale that traces a family's evolution across generations, deeply tied to the land and agricultural production, particularly viticulture. Grandmother Benigna appears to have been a pivotal figure in this transformation, transitioning from a desire to move away from rural life to a profound involvement in vine and land cultivation during World War II.

It's intriguing how Paolo Sorrentino and his wife Angela inherited this passion for producing Vesuvian wines and fruit and vegetable cultivation, taking seriously the preservation of traditional varieties upheld by the family. Their commitment to viticulture in the 1990s and the embrace of wine tourism allowed them to share the territory's history and its products with others.

This story is an example of how family tradition and a love for the land can transcend generations, contributing to the preservation of local agricultural traditions and opening new opportunities, such as wine tourism, to share the beauty and history of a region.

"'a terr adda mangià comm 'e figl nuost" – Grandmother Benigna

The Sorrentino Family

Between history, philosophy, and sustainability


The new generation

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The Birth of Tenuta Sorrentino

The Sorrentino story has deep roots in this bountiful land, but now it's time for a new generation to carry on the legacy.

Paolo, the company's founder, started it all many years ago, fueled by his dedication to wine and his loving wife Angela by his side.

Every bottle of Sorrentino Vulcanic Lives carries the passion and history of this couple.

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Giuseppe Sorrentino

The new generation is led by Giuseppe, Paolo and Angela's son, an entrepreneur with vision and determination. Giuseppe studied oenology worldwide, from Burgundy to California, bringing new perspectives and ideas to the family winery. He has become the CEO of Tenuta Sorrentino and has grand plans for the future. He aims to preserve authenticity and tradition while also elevating the brand to an international level.

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Benny Sorrentino

Alongside Giuseppe stands Benny, the younger sister, with an innate talent for oenology. She inherited her father's passion for wine and honed her skills under the guidance of some of the world's greatest winemakers. Now, she is the winemaker at Tenuta Sorrentino, crafting wines that are a tribute to the land and the family.

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Maria Paola Sorrentino

At the heart of the winery is Maria Paola, Paolo's youngest daughter, who inherited her mother Angela's knack for hospitality and warmth. She has become the company's hospitality manager, curating an unforgettable experience for visitors. Every tasting at the winery is a journey through the history and passion of Tenuta Sorrentino, thanks to her kindness and expertise.

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The New Era of Sorrentino Wines

The new generation of Sorrentinos injects fresh life and energy into the winery, all while respecting tradition and honoring the land. The future looks bright, with exceptional wines that continue to embody the essence of Vesuvius. Paolo and Angela, the founders, take pride in seeing their children carry forth their dream as Sorrentino Wines continues to captivate the world with the distinct taste and passion of the Vesuvian region.

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