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Sorrentino Estate and Wine Tour

Sorrentino Estate: A Vesuvian Family.

On the Mt. Vesuvius slopes, in the little town of Boscotrecase, 300 years ago was born our welcoming cottage where for five generations the roots of our agricultural tradition and Vesuvian wine-making made possible the production of legendary Lacryma Christi Wine.

Here, in the heart of Vesuvius National Park, there are our 35 hectares of vineyards which represent an arena where the experience of our ancestor and  innovative studies found a fair matching.

Anyone could come to visit us our estate and  feel part of our family, tasting the vesuvian volcanic soil that shapes our wines and our organic products.

It’s a sensitive experience: the terrace where our grandparents used to have a simple lunch, today it’s a modern and welcoming terrace on Sorrento Coast, Capri and Pompeii.

An open kitchen KMZERO managed by Mamma Angela, olives trees and fruit- trees are just a frame of our canvas.

The Vesuvius is the most natural show admired in the world.

Following you’ll find the experiences to live at our winery, you can choose a simple wine tour and wine tasting or more exciting adventures.

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