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Sorrentino: A Love Story for Wine and Life

In the heart of our land, a cradle of centuries-old winemaking tradition, a company stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. Vite Vulcaniche is not just a project; it is, first and foremost, a declaration of intent.


Preserving life—ours and that of future generations—is the core mission. But let's take a step back. Since the early 2000s, when the concept of sustainability was still a budding idea in our reality, the Sorrentino family began laying the foundations for a small revolution.


As history teaches us, change stems from awareness: the awareness that tomorrow's life is a direct consequence of today's choices—a cause-and-effect relationship that the Sorrentino family holds in high regard. So much so that it becomes the guiding principle of their production philosophy.


How do they do it? By working the land specifically for each vineyard, respecting its structure and fertility, safeguarding the ecosystem, and promoting biodiversity. The disposal of pruned branches is noteworthy—they are not burned but instead chipped and transformed into fertilizer for the vineyards, a virtuous cycle reminding us of an important principle: nothing is created, and nothing is destroyed, but everything can be transformed.


Solar energy powers the processes, and rainwater is considered precious. Every production phase embodies harmony with nature, reflecting in all products under the Sorrentino brand.


What about the future? Long-term projects are well-defined: optimize procedures to reduce water consumption, minimize phytosanitary treatments, introduce biotechnologies for greater vine defense stimulation. The goal is to lead the way towards a more sustainable world, worthy of being inherited by future generations.


The Sorrentino company's story is a love story—for wine, the land, and life.


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